CAC Travel Award

CAC grants a travel award each year to an emerging practitioner in the field. Applications for the 2019 CAC Travel Award are due Friday, January 10th, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST via email per the instructions in our application.

Download Application HERE.

The Community Arts Caucus (CAC) invites Community Arts practitioners to apply for a Community Arts Travel Award to support attendance to the 2020 NAEA convention in Minneapolis. This award does not require that the applicant is presenting at the NAEA 2020 convention; however, additional points will be awarded if you are, and if your presentation is sponsored by the CAC—which means it was submitted for review under the CAC when you selected division/issue group in the online submission. One applicant will be selected for an award in the amount of $300. Awards will be received as reimbursement by a check payable directly to the applicant after the 2020 convention. Each applicant will also be required to describe their community arts practice (direct involvement in teaching or programming). Please note, Travel Award winner and finalist may be invited to present as part of a CAC sponsored forum at the 2021 NAEA convention.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following rubric with 100 possible points:

  • 20 points: Applicant is a current member of the CAC.
  • 20 points: Applicant is presenting a session sponsored by the CAC (was submitted for review under the CAC, when you selected which division/issue group for review of submission), or 10 points: Applicant is presenting a session at NAEA, but that session is not sponsored by the CAC.
  • 10 points: This is the first time the applicant has presented a session at NAEA.
  • 50 maximum points: Your 250 word statement explains how the travel stipend will benefit your research about, and practice of, community arts.  It is essential to address how your work is informed by and engages community members.  Please clearly describe the population(s) of people involved in your work and the impact your work has on the community (for example, celebrating life experiences of a community, creating socially engaged art projects, etc.).  Cite any community arts practitioners that influence your NAEA presentation.

If there are more than two applications awarded 100 points, the selection will be made by lottery of all 100-point-applications.

Please note: The 2020 Community Arts Travel Award recipient will be notified via email by Monday, February 10, 2020.


Photo Credit: Franklin Kids Art Festival of TN, courtesy Meaghan Brady Nelson