Community Arts Caucus Field Trip

The CAC organizes a field trip each year as part of NAEA Nationals.  Please consider registering for our upcoming field trip in Seattle 2018. When you register for the conference the CAC field trip is listed under “Tours”.

Field Trip Tour Title:   Coyote Central: A Profile of Community Arts in Seattle

Venue:  2300 E Cherry St, Seattle, WA 98122

Group departs at 12:00 Noon—Returns approximately 3:00 pm

Join the Community Arts Caucus on our 2018 tour at one of Seattle’s youth-based community arts organizations. Established in 1986, Coyote Central is a nonprofit that uses the arts to challenge and empower young adolescents of every racial and socio-economic background through building skills, creative thinking, self-awareness, and social awareness. Using hands-on projects taught by professionals in their creative fields, Coyote Central strives to create safe spaces for young people to take risks without worrying about failure or conformity. In this atmosphere, adolescents develop their own artistic voices, creating work that empowers them to imagine a world in which they want to live and to realize their potential to make that change happen. While at Coyote Central, attendees will engage in a tour and creative workshop that will provide pedagogical tools used by local teaching artists and educators in Seattle to encourage young adolescents to become creative problem-solvers who are confident in their identity, capabilities, and are engaged in their communities.

Coyote Central

Presented by the NAEA Community Arts Caucus and led by Kate Collins and Dianne Sánchez Shumway. A light snack will be provided.